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BEMA Strengthening and revitalising lotion

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Bema Strengthening & Revitalizing Lotion

(Made in Italy)


Hair Care

Açaí Oil, Marine Glycogen, and Indian Kino Tree Extract make these vials to provide

effective protection against smog and other exogenous agents. The hair bulb is

stimulated,thereby prolonging the hair growing stage. This improves hair strength

and body and combats hair loss. Used in combination with the Shampoo and the Hair

Mask of the Line, it gives visible results right from the first few applications.

Key Ingredients: 

Marine Glycogen, Indian Kino Tree Extract, Acai Oil

Bema Strengthening & Revitalizing Lotion


• Products 100% natural origin

• Using extracts from certified organic agriculture

• Extracts pure solvent


• Without synthetic preservatives

• Without dyes

• Without Parabens (PEG, PPG, etc...)

• Without Alcohol

• Without SLS / SLES (natural surfactants)

• Products not tested on animals

• No animal substances or derivatives


• Dermatologically tested

• Microbiologically tested

• Tested Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt to minimize the risk of skin allergies.

Directions to use:

Wring your hair after using the Bema Bio Hair Pro Strengthening and Revitalizing Shampoo and

Hair Mask and blot it with a towel. Evenly apply vials on hair and scalp with a gentle massage,

until it is fully absorbed. Dry without rinsing. We recommend using the product at least twice a




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