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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Osiyanbeauty is honoured to wish the entire great male parenting “A very very Happy Father’s Day”

“Nobody can think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection”

“Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to identify the contribution that fathers have made to their children’s lives.  This day is a gift for fatherhood & male parenting.  Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates worldwide & many countries salute this day on the third Sunday in the month of June.  This year this honorable Day is on June 18, 2017!  Let us make this a significant day for all the handsome Fathers of the world!!

A Father is a man who expects his child to be as good a child as he meant to be”

“We all are lucky that we have got a chance to salute all the amazing fathers who have mentored, coached & taught us the value of life.  Holded our hands & trained us to stand & walk on our own legs.  ‘Thank you DAD for being there with us in every step of our life’.   We admire the existence & outstanding role you have played in our lives.”

“DAD –Dedicated And Devoted”

“Fathers are the inspiration & idol for the child throughout their lives.  He is the HERO & a unique special gift from god to all the children of the world.  We will never pause to follow their footsteps & will make the right decision as guided by them.  Never mind how famous or successful we are, but our identity will always be as someone’s son/daughter.  We are proud for that Identity.  “Thanks & Salute to all DADs!!!

“The heart of a father is the master piece of nature”

“Father is a person who makes us experience life in our own way & pull us up when we fall.  He replaces our anger with his love & affection. Introduces the world to you & then guides us by his opinion.  He always stands beside you in all your needs.”

“Let us make this Day a special day for our fathers & show them how much we care & love them.  Celebrate this day as the biggest festival.  Make him feel the great ‘HERO’ of your lives.  Let it be a heart-warming celebration & give a tribute to father figures for sacrifices they have made for their children & family.”


“F A T H E R”

Forever with his Family

Always there for you no matter what

The only one who is there?

He’s my Hero till the end

Encouraging in everything I do

Really the only one, no one can beat him!!!

“The greatest gift ever from god is DAD”


“Happy Father’s Day”



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