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Bema Cream for Mixed Skins (Man)

Bema Cream for Mixed Skins (Man)

Bema Cream for Mixed Skins -it can be exploited on all skin types.  It favors in achieving healthy and glowing

skin. It not only clears complexion but also imparts a warm glow to the skin.  It nourishes skin and makes it

smoother and softer!!!

“Red algae extract, also commonly referred to in skin care as rhodophyta seaweed, contains high

quantities of sulfated polysaccharides (carrageenan), peptides, carotenoids, and fatty acids. Together these

components may contribute towards red algae’s antioxidant property. Red algae extract can be capable of

neutralizing free-radicals that are present in the environment. The fatty acids in algae not only lend

moisture to skin, but prevent it from losing its natural hydration” – Sweet Almond Oil is one of the miracle

that truly help in enhancing the complexion and tackling skin problems. The vitamin E and fatty acids

present in this oil reverse and prevent signs of aging. It not only helps skin renewal but also fights wrinkles”


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