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Bema Strengthening & Revitalising Lotion Vials

Bema Strengthening & Revitalising Lotion Vials

Bema Strengthening & Revitalising Lotion Vials 

Organic shampoos, conditioners & Lotions revive the scalp of ill-treatment by traditional shampoos

that contain chemicals. Natural ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals can help cell

regeneration. Natural components like antioxidants propel hair cells of the skin and hair follicles.

In addition, essential oils and herbal extracts nourish the scalp and give hair a stronger gloss.

They avoid greasy hair and accelerate growth!!  

Bema Strengthening & Revitalising Lotion Vials include Açaí Oil, Marine Glycogen, and Indian Kino

Tree Extract makes these vials to provide effective protection against smog and other exogenous


Glycogen is abundant in cells of the external epithelial sheath of the anagen follicle. This

glycogen satisfies the intense energy needs of the follicle during active growth. Likewise, the

mitotic activity of bulbar matrix cells during anagen causes an increase of the oxygen consumption

rate. The metabolic path by which glycogen is consumed as an energy source during cell

proliferation. It works as anti-loss, anti-age and anti-stress care for hair, - care of tired,

devitalized hair.

The hair bulb is stimulated, thereby prolonging the hair growing stage.

This improves hair strength and body and combats hair loss.

Used in combination with the Shampoo and the Hair Mask of the Line,

it gives visible results right from the first few applications!!!

Natural shampoos do not contain silicone sulfates or toxins, thus helping the environment. 

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