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Osiyanbeauty wishes  Happy  & a Prosperous Raksha Bandhan

Osiyanbeauty wishes Happy & a Prosperous Raksha Bandhan

Osiyanbeauty wishes all the bondage relationships a Happie & a prosperous Raksha Bandhan”

Bondless in Energy’

“The essence of relationship holds true for all the Indian festivals.  Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi in many parts of

India is considered as a Hindu religious festival.   Raksha Bandhan means ‘Bond of Protection’.  This festival is

celebrated in the month of August (Shravana Maasa).  This year this festival is on August 07, 2017.  This festival

is the identity of bond, love & affection between brothers & sisters.”

Receptive to Needs’

“On this auspicious day brothers take an oath & promise their sister to protect them from all troubles & harm

and the sisters pray & promise their brother to protect them from all evils.  In short, it is a day on which siblings

pray for each other’s well-being, happiness & blessings.  It is not only a biologically related sibling, but it could

be any brother-sister relationship between men & women celebrate this festival.”

Outstanding People’

“On this festival day sister ties bracelet called ‘Rakhi’ a scared thread to her brother’s wrist praying for his

success, happiness & prosperity.  In return brother shows his love & affection by giving his sister a gift &

promise to protect her lifelong.”


“Now it has come in practice that not only sibling but anybody can tie rakhi to the person whom they love, to

protect them from evil influence.  It signifies the strength of bond & love between the relationships.  On this

occasion of Raksha Bandhan sister visits her brother’s house, performs puja by applying kumkum & rice grains

on his head & tie rakhi on his right wrist.”

Helpful at all Times’

“The spiritual side of Raksha Bandhan says that it is a sacred divine vow of purity with the god to live the life of

purity in actions, thoughts & words.  Here the rakhi symbolizes & reminds us that we must protect ourselves

spiritually from the evils & other troubles.”

Exemplary in Conduct’

Therefore, festival of Raksha Bandhan should not be limited to only brother & sister, instead the scope of ideas

needs to be expanded & understand the importance of this festival in today’s context.  In short, it is a festival to

keep relationships strong with a bond of love & affection.  This bondage of relationship has made Indian

tradition a different scope from others.”

Responsible Lifetime’

“It is a delight & pride to have you as my BROTHER

“Happy Raksha Bandhan”


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