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Bema Lime-Green tea Bath & Shower Gel

Bema Lime-Green tea Bath & Shower Gel

“A Good Shower can be a relaxing experience in itself, a quick aroma therapy with a shower

gel to rejuvenate your senses swiftly!!!

Bema Lime-Green tea Bath & Shower Gel is the combination with bouquet of Lime & the demeanor

of Green Tea extract.

It is enriched with natural extracts of lime & green tea, which works gently on the skin.

This silky gel lathers well on the skin & provides deep cleansing, removing dirt particles, excess

oil from the surface of the skin. 

It is a mositure lock formula which keeps the skin moist for long hours”

“This shower gel is alloyed of sweet Almond Oil, Olive & Black current essential oils;

Black current is a cardio-protective which exerts a protective effect on the heart & blood vessels. 

It acts as a anti-allergic, reduces the susceptibility of a person to allergies.  It contains high amount of

GLA & ALA which aids in reducing inflammation & redness on skin, besides reducing the acne breakouts 

Sweet Almond oil rich in Vitamin E, proteins, Potassium which explains why it is so good for skin & hair. 

 It is a sign of smooth, supple & youthful skin –

“Olive oil is infused with anti-aging, anti-oxidants & hydrating squalene making it superb for hair & skin”

Bema Lime-Green tea Shower Gel is a lingering freshness feel as well as a hint of scent that lasts even after

your bath; the special formula rinses clean, without any heavy residue.  Its daisy fragrance of lime & green

tea provides a clean, fresh burst that awakens your senses & refreshes entire body.  A rich, conditioning

lather leaves skin in better condition; this is a smooth product on your body with moistened hands. 

It protects skin from over exposure for long-lasting hydration!!

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