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Bema Body Shower Mousse

Bema Body Shower Mousse

Bema Body Shower Mousse is a sheer blessing for your skin!!!

“Dump the stress and plummet into the inviting embrace of Bema Body Shower Mousse which connects

you to the tender quietness in the centre of your being.

“Divulge the feeling of soft skin: with rich Copaiba, Acai, Andiroba & Cranberry Bema Body Shower Mousse

gently cleanses and nourishes your skin. Let the scent indulge your senses, while the silky shower cream-

gel, enriched with acai oil, turns into a soft foam to cleanse and moisturise your skin”- Victor for all skin

types; Beautiful, enlivening fragrance gives fresh feel even after shower with a healthy conditions to your


Copaiba protects skin against infection & strengthens skin against lesions or wounds that appear with

aging.  It supports prevent fungal growth –

Acai berry has vitamins A, C, and E, which can help in the regeneration of your skin.

§        Its unique properties help skin glow & look younger.

§      This fruit has the ability to protect and shield the body from the attack of deranged scavenger cells called

     “free radicals” which are produced as a result of polluted air that we breathe and the residual pesticides

      that we ingest from supermarket fruits and vegetables.

§       Acai berry with its antioxidants helps detoxify the body of negative elements –

Andiroba is an anti-inflammatory oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids that promote skin healing from cuts and

may slow the growth of skin cells in psoriasis and age spots. It promotes normal circulation to the skin and 

relieves pain and swelling; -

Cranberries are highly acidic, and contain powerful antioxidant properties that are known to fight off

infections & diseases. Cranberry extracts contains an acne-fighting compound called resveratrol, and

antiseptic properties that help ensure nice clean skin”

Bema Body Shower Mousse helps in cell regrowth and prevents ageing & deeply cleans and brightens your


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