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Argan -Orange Blossom Bath And Shower Gel

The fruit of Marocco to renew the skin, and the flower of Sicily to lift the spirits.

It is an excellent moisturizer leaving it soft, supple and scented skin due to its

natural, delicate surface active agents.

Lime- Green Tea Bath And Shower Gel

A burst of freshness from lime, and a concentration of health benefits from

green tea for a crisp fragrance.

Sugar Berry Body Shower Mousse

A creamy cleansing mousse with a rich and gentle lather. Precious Amazon

rainforest extracts, such cleanse and moisturize the skin. Copaiba Balm gently

cleanses and moisturizes the skin; Açaì Oil helps prevent the formation of free

radicals. The Cranberry extract, which is rich in Omega 6, restores any type of



Sweet Almond Oil, Black Currant Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil

·         Products 100% natural origin

·         Using extracts from certified organic agriculture

·         Extracts pure solvent

·         VERY CONCENTRATED products

·         Without synthetic preservatives

·         Without dyes

·         Without Parabens (PEG, PPG, etc...)

·         Without Alcohol

·         Without SLS / SLES (natural surfactants)

·         Products not tested on animals

·         No animal substances or derivatives

·         NO OGM

·         Dermatologically tested

·         Microbiologically tested

·      Tested Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt to minimize the risk of skin allergies.

Directions to use:

Sugar Berry Body Shower Mousse

Apply a suitable amount of mousse all over the body.  Gently massage & rinse

under the shower. Avoid contact with eyes.

Argan -Orange Blossom & Lime- Green Tea Bath And Shower

Pour into Bath water or use directly on the body.  External use only. 



Awesome Shower Gel...



I am obsessed with Bema Organic Products . I love all of their products so, so much; especially their shower gels. They have so many scents to choose from that all smell amazing! My personal favorites are "Sugar Berry Mousse", "Lime Green Tea", and "Argan-Orange Blossom".. Ever since I switched to BEMA shower gel I only need & use only a pea sized squeeze of shower gel each time I shower because this product produces so much more soap suds than any other shower gel or body wash I've ever used. The prices may seem kind of high, but I promise it is well worth it because since you only need to use a small bit each shower session, your bottle of shower gel can last months!

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