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Shining Bridal Collection(Swiss &Italian Made)

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Shining Skin Collection (Italy & Swiss Made)

As you get closer, consider buying a bottle of this luxurious, organic  and parben free cosmetics 

 made in Italy and Swiss  with natural extract . It contains  world's most active organic and wild

crafted botanical to work wonders on everything from oxygenating cells, maintaining skin

elasticity and reducing inflammation. Experts  says it's "perfect for the big day! It brightens skin

to give you a youthful, glowing complexion

Sales Package Qty:280 ml +4.8 g

Bema Lightening Cleansing Milk

(Made in Italy)                

Pomegranate Extract, Betaine, Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Mallow Extract, Achillea Gluconolactone.

Bema Lightening Serum

(Made in Italy)

Key Ingredients:

Pomegranate Extract, Betaine, Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Vigna Aconitifoglia,Pisum Sativum, Hibiscus

AUVA Brightening Day Cream                         

(Made in Switzerland )

Key Ingredients:                         

Glycolic Acid, Bisabolol, Panthenol

AUVA Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care                         

(Made in Switzerland)

Key Ingredients:                         

Neutral oil on vegetable base with hardened Coconut Oil, Bee wax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E.

Bema Lightening Cleansing Milk

(Made in Italy)


Lightening Skin care


Fluid emulsion with lightening action, skin-compatible and emollient that contains a Special

lightening phyto-complex characterized by the extract of Pomegranate and Betaine, boosted

by Arbutin and Bearberry extract which play a preventive action on the onset of the dark spots.

The formulation is enriched with organic extracts of Mallow and Achillea with a soothing and

emollient action that, combined with Gluconolactone, make the product suitable to the most

delicate and easily reddening skin. Effective and gentle in removing makeup and impurities from

the skin, cleansing it by affinity without impoverishing it, while preserving the hydrolipidic mantle

and the natural pH of the skin.

Bema Lightening Serum

(Made in Italy)

 Lightening Skin care

Specific cosmetic treatment to reduce skin discolouration thanks to the

special phyto-lightening complex, which acts in a targeted and intense

way on hyperpigmentation. The Pomegranate extract and Betaine have a

lightening and depigmenting action; the Arbutin and Bearberry prevent the

uneven production of melanin, the main cause of unsightly dark spots.

The formulation is enriched by natural extracts with an anti-ageing and

lifting action,like the Vigna Aconitifoglia, the Pisum Sativum and Hibiscus

that allow the skin to regain its natural brightness and compactness.

AUVA Brightening Day Cream                          

(Made in Switzerland )

Beautiful Skin is Essence of Life…..

Day & Night Cream

Glycolic Acid the smallest α hydroxy acid (AHA) exerting a peeling action helps to reduce

hyperpigmentation wrinkles and acne scarring cell turnover is improved and the

complexion immediately appears brighter and smoother more luminous Bisabolol

and Panthenol act as moisturizing soothing.

AUVA Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care                         

(Made in Switzerland)

When whether threatens...

… Auva Sun Protection SPF Lip Care Guards Them!!!

Eye & Lip Care

The neutral oil on a vegetable base with hardened coconut oil, bees wax,

and Shea Butter along with Vitamin E. Auva Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care  offers  

combined effect.

It has UV filter, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, skin smoothing, anti-oxidant,  and

anti-ageing effect. It soothes pain from cold sores. It protects and repairs rough, dry

and chapped skin and keeps the lips moisturized during winter months with this

natural protectant.

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