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Fabulous Bridal Collection(Swiss-OZ& Italian Made)

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Fabulous Bridal Collection (Australian-Swiss& Italian Made)

Glowing skin starts with the right cleanser so finding the right one for you is essential.

Clean skin forms the essential foundation for your following treatments, like

serums and moisturizers, because it allows the ingredients to reach and deliver

minerals and nourishment deep into the skin.

Regular facials in the run up to your wedding are certainly one of the best ways to ease and correct particular skin concerns. However, it is essential to continue the deep cleansing and nourishing treatments with at home facials. This is easily achieved with our Oceanic Gold Manuka Honey face scrub used once or twice a week.

Hydrated skin is smooth, supple and younger-looking, therefore providing the perfect base for your wedding make up. Not only will your makeup blend more easily, it will also last longer meaning minimal touch ups throughout the day.This is easily achieved with our Auva

Brightening Day Cream used for a week

Indian bridal hairstyles generally require the bride to wear her hair long.

If you are getting married in 3 months’ time, you can start to apply BEMA

Strengthening And Revitalizing Lotion in order to have shiny and

luxurious tresses that will truly be your crowning glory on your special

day .

AUVA Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care                       

(Made in Switzerland)

When whether threatens.

For several weeks before the wedding, you’ll want to sugar up those lips.

This lip treatment will get all the dried and cracked spots rubbed away

and ready for shine . This is especially useful if you’re saying your vows in

the wintertime, when things get extra dry and looking for moisture.

Sales Package:350 ml+10 x10 ml+4.8 g

AUVA Cleansing Milk                         

 (Made in Switzerland)

 Key Ingredients:                        

Jojoba Milk, Shea Butter, Undecyclenamide DEA

Ocean Facial Scrub with Crushed Pearls

  (Australian Made)

Manuka Honey Bio Active 20+, Crushed Pearls, White Australian Clay,

Mother of Pearls, Macadamia, Sea Minerals and Aloe Vera.

AUVA Brightening Day Cream

Key Ingredients: 

Glycolic Acid, Bisabolol, Panthenol


BEMA Strengthening and Revitalizing Lotion

Key Ingredients:

Acai Extract, Macadamia Oil, Olive Oil, Marine Glycogen

AUVA Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care    

Key Ingredients:                         


Neutral oil on vegetable base with hardened Coconut Oil, Bee wax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E.

AUVA Cleansing Milk                          

 (Made in Switzerland)

    In your efforts to maintain Soft Skin…..

  Auva Contributes Cleansing Milk for Soft &Radiant Skin!!!


  Cleansers & Toner

This cleansing milk is a gentle and non-greasy lotion with moisturising, soothing

and anti-bacterial action, excellent to cleanse and deeply hydrate even the most

sensitive skins. This delicate milk is enriched with Jojoba oil- emollient and

moisturising agent, Shea Butter- a super-food for the skin and also has anti

-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

Ocean Facial Scrub with Crushed Pearls

(Australian Made)

A deep Cleansing mild abrasive facial scrub for all types of skin, formulated  

With finely crushed pearls gently remove dead skin cell and blackheads.


Freshwater pearls are rich source of amino acids that optimize cell nutrition

& Renewal.


Our Ultimate Skin Brightening formula washes away the years. The richness of

manuka honey along with ocean derived mineral & vitamins tones, revitalize and

soothes skin instantly.

AUVA Brightening Day Cream                         

(Made in Switzerland )

Beautiful Skin is Essence of Life…..

Day & Night Cream

Glycolic Acid the smallest α hydroxy acid (AHA) exerting a peeling action heps to reduce

hyperpigmentation wrinkles and acne scarring cell turnover is improved and the complexion

immediately appears brighter and smoother more luminous Bisabolol and Panthenol act as

moisturizing soothing.

AUVA Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care                         

(Made in Switzerland)

When whether threatens...

… Auva Sun Protection SPF Lip Care Guards Them!!!

Eye & Lip Care

The neutral oil on a vegetable base with hardened coconut oil, bees wax,

and Shea Butter along with Vitamin E. Auva Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care  offers  

combined effect.

It has UV filter, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, skin smoothing, anti-oxidant,  and

anti-ageing effect. It soothes pain from cold sores. It protects and repairs rough, dry

and chapped skin and keeps the lips moisturized during winter months with this

natural protectant.

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