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Organic Bridal Collection(Made In Italy)

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Organic Bridal Collection(Made In Italy)

Wedding Skincare Products for Every Complexion Type.....

Adopt a bridal beauty regimen that will have your skin flawless and noticeably glowing for

your big day.

It's important to prepare well in advance with a solid skincare regimen, as radiant,clear skin

takes some work for most.

Which skin type is it good for?







What it is:

A set of 6b essential bestsellers based on pure, minimalist ingredients and packed with Italian-

100% Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Solutions for:

 - Dryness

 - Dullness and uneven texture

 - Pores

 If you want to know more…

This exclusive collection of  BEMA  bestsellers offers a daily ritual to purify, polish, and nourish

skin inspired by the beauty secrets, the original skin care  lovers. Natural active ingredients are

as effective as they are pure, advanced by science to reveal brighter, smoother, baby-soft skin.

One Step BEMA Cleansing Milk  is a lightweight, antioxidant-rich makeup remover and cleanser

of BEMA and BEMA Lightening  Face Scrub, leaving behind silky skin. BEMA Lightening Face Cream

is a creamy, polishes skin to Gentle enough for daily use, it reveals smooth, baby-soft skin.

The lightening  Cream bursts upon application to release skin-improving nutrients, powerful 

amazon forest botanicals, and refreshing hydration for clear, pore less skin that is perfectly

prepped for makeup. Lightening face cream  provides a boost of soothing hydration, resulting

in dewy,luminous skin anytime, anywhere. Wear under foundation to prep skin, or mist on top to

set makeup.


This set contains:

- 200 mL BEMA Lightening Cleansing Milk

-   50 mL BEMA Lightening Face Scrub

-   50 mL BEMA Lightening Face Cream

- 200 mL BEMA Strengthening And Revitalising Shampoo

- 200 mL BEMA Strengthening And Revitalising Mask

-   4.8 g AUVA Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care  

 What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates 

Sales Package: 700 ml+4.8 g


BEMA Lightening Cleansing Milk

 Key Ingredients:

  Pomegranate Extract, Betaine, Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Mallow Extract, Achillea



BEMA Lightening Face Scrub

 Key Ingredients:

 Pomegranate Extract, Betaine, Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Apricot pits,

 Pineapple, Papaya, Gluconolactone.


BEMA Lightening Face Cream

 Key Ingredients:

 Pomegranate Extract, Betaine, ,Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Vigna Aconitifoglia,Pisum Sativum, Hibiscus, Mica, Porfiria Umbilicalis.

 BEMA Strengthening And Revitalizing Shampoo

 Key Ingredients:

 Acai Extract, Macadamia Oil, Olive Oil, Marine Glycogen


BEMA Strengthening And Revitalizing Hair Mask

 Key Ingredients:

 Indian Kino Tree Extract, Acai Oil

 Auva Vitamin E Nourishing Lip Balm

 Key Ingredients:                       

 Olive, Castor, Jojoba, Seabuckhthorn, Botanical oil, Vitamin E, Cocao Butter

Bema Lightening Face Scrub

(Made in Italy)


Lightening Skin care

Smoothing Face Scrub for all type of skins; even the most sensitive skin. 

With its depigmenting action characterized by the Pomegranate extract and Betaine,

powered by Arbutin and the Bearberry extract spots of the skin. Lightening Face

Scrub is characterized by a double exfoliant action. The mechanical action of Apricot

pits and enzymatic from Papaya and Gluconolactone acts deeply stimulating

natural cell regeneration, leaving the skin a naturally glowing complexion. It is the

key step to prepare the skin to receive the treatment.

Bema Lightening Face Cream

(Made in Italy)


Lightening Skin care


This cosmetic treatment is specifically formulated for a targeted anti-stain

and depigmenting action, complexion. The composition, special Phyto-

lightening complex, consisting of natural plant extracts such as Bearberry

that hinder excessive production of melanin and prevent the onset of-

unsightly brown. The formulation has additive effect of Hibiscus extract,.

Vigna Aconitifoglia and Pisum Sativum. It contains two natural sunscreens:

Mica and Porfiria Umbilicalis, which protect the skin from harmful sunrays,

main cause of premature ageing of the skin and uneven complexion.

Bema Strengthening & Revitalising Shampoo

(Made in Italy)


Hair Care

The Strengthening and Revitalising Shampoo has been specifically designed

to strengthen the hair from the roots to the tips, thereby combating hair loss.

Bema Strengthening & Revitalizing Hair Mask

(Made in Italy)

Hair Care

Kino Tree Extract and Açaí Oil allow this innovative hair mask to stimulate, regenerate

and restructure the connective tissue of brittle and thinning hair, making it stronger.

AUVA Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care                         

(Made in Switzerland)

When whether threatens...

… Auva Sun Protection SPF Lip Care Guards Them!!!

 Lip Care

The neutral oil on a vegetable base with hardened coconut oil, bees wax,

and Shea Butter along with Vitamin E. Auva Sun Protection SPF20 Lip Care  offers  

combined effect.

It has UV filter, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, skin smoothing, anti-oxidant,  and

anti-ageing effect. It soothes pain from cold sores. It protects and repairs rough, dry

and chapped skin and keeps the lips moisturized during winter months with this

natural protectant.

• Products 100% natural origin

• Using extracts from certified organic agriculture

• Extracts pure solvent


• Without synthetic preservatives

• Without dyes

• Without Parabens (PEG, PPG, etc...)

• Without Alcohol

• Without SLS / SLES (natural surfactants)

• Products not tested on animals

• No animal substances or derivatives


• Dermatologically tested

• Microbiologically tested

• Tested Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt to minimize the risk of skin allergies.

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