Skin supplement

Skin supplement

Krasaliwa GlutathioneTablet - Healthy Glowing Skin is in

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• Hyperpigmentation
• Age Spots
• Freckles
• Melasma
• Skin Discoloration
• Dark Spots
• Uneven Skin Tone
• Acne Scars
• Dark Circles
• Smooth Complexion
• Spot Less Skin
• Even Skin Tone
• Glowing Skin


Krasaliwa Glutathione Supplement is ideal for improving your overall health.
Glutathione is an antioxidant produced in body cells. It prevents oxidative stress and neutralizes free radicals. It detoxifies the body for clearer complexion and liver health.
The Krasaliwa Glutathionetablet contains L Glutathione, Vitamin C, Alpha lipoic acid & Grape Seed Extract as its main ingredients. The supplement is a blend of antioxidant to boost its levels in the body.
Uses of Krasaliwa GlutathioneTablet
- L Glutathione: Acts as an antioxidant, which neutralizes the effect of free radicals and reactive species in the body
- Vitamin C: acts as the antioxidant and keeps the skin healthy
- Treats hyperpigmentation, freckles and skin discoloration
- Reduces age spots and dark circles
- Reduces acne scars
- Makes the skin tone even and gives the better complexion

Directions for use:

As directed by the Health Professional

- For better skin tone and glow, reduce hyperpigmentation

Storage instruction:
- Store in a cool, dry & dark place
- Protect from direct sunlight

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